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Garage Door Repair Stittsville

Garage Door Torsion Spring

If you know the importance of torsion and extension springs, you should let us fix them. When they are not tensed right or installed correctly, there will be problems with the door’s performance. We can fix your garage door torsion spring in Stittsville quickly. Our techs go out of their way to make sure your spring problems are fixed in no time. We carry extra springs and spares with us so that we can replace the broken springs and do any required torsion spring repair in Stittsville, Ontario, effectively.Garage Door Torsion Spring Stittsville

Snapped spring? Call for torsion spring replacement

Call Stittsville Garage Door Repair as soon as the spring breaks. Don’t try to open the door to avoid putting extra strain on your opener. Once the spring snaps, the only thing we can do is replace it. We provide same day service when it comes to broken springs and will provide you with the right garage door torsion spring replacement. This is essential too. Each door would need a different spring depending on its size and hence weight. We pay attention to such matters and come prepared for the job.

We replace, install, and adjust torsion springs

Our techs have equipment and expertise to ensure the torsion spring replacement service is done correctly. In spite of the differences between door types and their springs, we can install any spring brand and type with accuracy. And that would include torsion spring adjustment too. Our pros make sure the new spring is well tensed so that it will balance and lift the door smoothly.

Call us for any torsion spring repair

Call us if you want to adjust galvanized springs, replace spring brackets, end plates, or bearings, have a problem with the shaft, or the spring coils start showing signs of rust. What we can do apart from adjusting springs is lubricate them. That’s even more important before the heavy winters arrive because spring coils might break easier when they are frozen.

We are always well geared up when we come to either fix or replace your spring. And our company guarantees same day Stittsville garage door torsion spring repair services. Call us now.

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