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Garage Door Repair Stittsville

Garage Door Service

Do you know the difference regular garage door service makes? Whether you own an overhead door, carriage type or roll up door, it will last more years and behave much better in between. And that’s because when its parts are properly aligned, lubricated, adjusted, and repaired, they perform right. However, nasty weather in Stittsville, Ontario, can cause damage to your sectional doors. Your one-piece extension springs will eventually need replacement. Debris will build up in the tracks. And although our routine Stittsville garage door service can take care of most problems, we are also available to cover your urgent repair needs. Want cable repair? Need broken spring replacement? Our company provides same day service.Garage Door Service Stittsville

The condition of your garage door is subject to the elements, daily use, and the frequency of services. The quality of services also matters. And that’s why you should count on the professionalism and experience of our staff at Stittsville Garage Door Repair. Whatever you need, we provide. And our repair services are mainly divided in two categories:

  • Garage door repair services

We do any urgent garage door repair work as fast as possible. Our service mainly includes fixing any problem with the door. In order to do that efficiently, our pros arrive at your home well-equipped and are trained to repair any residential door. Need spring adjustment? Want opener repair? Is the door off track? These are all urgent needs and we cover them as fast as possible. This means that our techs can do anything required during repair services – from opener adjustments and track alignment to cable repair and spring replacement. So you can count on our garage door service company for same day assistance.

  • Regular maintenance service

There is a whole different philosophy with our garage door maintenance service. The intention of this service is to prevent problems and thereby headaches, hassle, inconveniences, and accidents caused by them. What we do during regular maintenance is inspect, lubricate, adjust, tighten fasteners, test the safety features, and do any necessary repair work.

But our company is also available to come out to replace the rusty hinges, corroded rollers, and any other part which is worn and must go. So call us for any garage door service in Stittsville, ON.

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