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Garage Door Repair Stittsville

Garage Door Maintenance

Tired of dealing with garage door problems? Want to be sure of your safety? Set annual garage door maintenance Stittsville appointments with our team. We service garage doors irrespective of type and brand. Let us check and maintain your door each and every year. This is the safe way to be certain of its good and trouble-free operation. Garage Door Maintenance StittsvilleInterested in such preventive services? Want to know more or get a quote? Don’t hesitate to make contact with Stittsville Garage Door Repair.

We offer garage door maintenance to prevent problems

By offering professional garage door maintenance service in Stittsville, Ontario, we help local customers to feel safe and hardly deal with issues. The meaning of regularly checking and servicing garage doors is to prevent problems. And so we follow a step-by-step checklist to be sure all parts are properly and thoroughly inspected. Highly experienced and extensively trained, our local pros can detect even trivial issues and handle them. We are all qualified techs and have the skills to conduct garage door troubleshooting, fix issues, and tune up the entire electric garage system to your satisfaction.

Our step by step garage door maintenance service

  • Our techs begin by inspecting all garage door parts. Are the tracks bent? Are the rollers rusty? Our inspection gives us an idea of the overall condition of the door. Thus we know which parts to fix and inform our customer should some parts must be replaced.
  • Garage door adjustment is part of our service. We make sure the door is balanced and make adjustments to ensure it opens & closes all the way.
  • If fasteners are loose, we tighten them and make sure the parts are aligned.
  • Our techs spray lubricants once they clean all oil residues and remove debris from the tracks.
  • Are there any specific problems with the door & opener? We do all necessary repairs.
  • Our pros take good care of the opener and check thoroughly the sensors and all safety features.

By making sure the garage door is reversing when there is an obstruction, remains open and doesn’t slide down, and closes all the way, we deliver a fully operational system. With regular maintenance, your rollup, one-piece, or overhead door will last long and hardly create problems. Call us now if you want garage door maintenance in Stittsville.

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