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Garage Door Repair Stittsville

Garage Door Cables Repair

Did a cable snap? Are they both off? Contact us now for garage door cables repair in Stittsville, Ontario. We come quickly to fix up cables. Whether they are broken or not, our tech will be equipped to provide the necessary service. Rely on our experience to handle such parts and their problems. All techs on our team have a long experience in fixing cables. We are trained, insured, and qualified to repair, install, and replace them. One call to our Stittsville Garage Door Cables Repair StittsvilleGarage Door Repair company and your cables will be fixed.

Cable trouble? Call us now for garage door cables repair

  • Cables off the drum?
  • Snapped cables?
  • Cable off the track?
  • Frayed cables?

No matter what you are dealing with, we’ll be there to offer garage door cables repair. Cables have a very difficult task. They carry the heavy weight of the door while springs balance and lift it. The cables go around drums, which are connected to the torsion spring via the shaft. If your door utilizes extension springs, the cables will be connected to them via pulleys. And they will also be attached on tracks. In either case, the cables are attached to the bracket at the lower part of the door. Why do you need to know such things?

  • Your garage door cables in Stittsville are tensed parts just like springs and so you shouldn’t attempt fixing them alone for safety purposes.
  • If there is a problem with the springs, it might have an impact on the cables too.
  • If the pulleys break or the tracks are misaligned, the cables might come off.

You can trust our team to fix up any part, which has caused cable problems, along with the cables. We provide quick and affordable service so that you can count on our team to do the job promptly and right.

The cable snapped? Call us to replace it

When you need garage door cables replacement, we will be there in a jiffy. When cables break, our techs replace them very fast. Our tech will carry the new cable with him. What we do is start by removing the broken cable. In order to do the service accurately and safely, we release spring tension, secure the door, and disconnect the opener. Then we are installing garage door cables. Lastly, we check that the cables at both sides are in their position and the door closes well.

With us, any Stittsville garage door cables repair service is done correctly and with your safety in mind. So, call us today if you need professional work.

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