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Garage Door Repair Stittsville

Electric Garage Door

What’s special about your electric garage door in Stittsville is that it moves automatically thanks to its opener. Due to the security and safety features modern openers have, the electric door can also protect your property and family efficiently. Hence, any service related to the door is important. And any electric door opener service must be provided in a timely manner.Electric Garage Door Stittsville

Speed eliminates the possibility of accidents. But so does maintenance! That’s why it’s so important to turn to Stittsville Garage Door Repair for regular inspection and service. We don’t simply lubricate steel parts and check the tracks and springs. Our pros are thorough during their opener inspection and make sure every part is functional and in good condition.

Common problems with garage door openers?

What you experience as a problem is the overhead door not closing or opening, stopping before it closes well, or reversing. But what’s the real problem behind these symptoms?

  • The sensors are misaligned, dusty, or broken
  • The wires are broken, disconnected or damaged
  • The gears or sprockets are broken
  • The clicker has lost communication with the opener

The job of our techs is to troubleshoot in order to identify what caused the door to act in a strange way. Equipped with spares and several tools, we do any electric garage door repair necessary and fix the problem. Trust that our techs respond quickly. We provide same day opener repair and complete the job in one go.

Other electric garage door services

  • Want to get a new opener or replace the door? We provide electric garage door installation and are skilled to install all trolley drive systems. Our techs install all door brands and types too. We make sure the opener is properly connected and the clicker is programmed.
  • Call us to maintain your Stittsville electric garage door! With maintenance, you won’t just enjoy the comfort of your electric door for years to come but will also be safe.

Want regular service or new installation? Need electric garage door opener repair as soon as possible? Contact our company in Stittsville, Ontario.

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